:: auto-bio ::

man and guitar

I was born in Warsaw and grew up in the infamous Grochów district. It might sound like a cliché, but music was my form of escape. I wanted to study drums in a High School of Music but they didn't take in people like me too eagerly. I thought that I didn't fit the stereotype of 'the musician' - a sensitive artist - generally everything which I wasn't, with my slang and background. However, a friend of mine had a bass guitar to sell. I was instantly hooked and started saving up for the instrument. It seemed to take ages but I finally managed to earn enough money to buy a bass. The first five years of my education on the bass were pretty strange. I couldn't watch video lessons, because only two people out of all that I knew actually had a VHS! My first bass tutoring came from Tony Oppenheim's "Slap It!". The irony of it all is that I never had any proper musical education yet now I'm an author of three bass tutoring schoolbooks.

Then I promised myself never to work on the black market again. I took up a job as a security guard in a cafe in Warsaw. One day I received a phone call from one of the most famous guitarists in Poland, a man who sold over 6 million records in total - Jan Borysewicz. He was starting a project named Jan Bo and was holding auditions for bassists. I was overjoyed to hear that I got the gig after my first rehearsal with the band. I was also pretty lucky, considering that a few days later, a bomb went off in the cafe I used to work in.

After a year of work with Borysewicz I was able to pay off all my debts and buy my first car. I soon began working with various stars of the Polish music market. In 1993, I took my first trip to the States. I was able to see the live shows of the people I could only see on video tape in the past (and I came up with the conclusion that these are not gods in any way but normal guys who have to brush their teeth in the morning just like me and a great deal of other people). Since then I've recorded about a hundred records, five of which were my solo albums and one under a nickname Dyplom.

Nowadays, I'm working with the most popular musicians in Poland - big stars such as Kasia Kowalska, Woobie Doobie, Jan Bo, and my own project TTr2.

:: woobiedoobie chapter ::

In the beginning of 1994 Wojtek Pilichowski joined Woobie Doobie. The band formed in Mid-1992, appearing in Warsaw's best clubs and festivals such as Warsaw Summer Jazz Days ('93, '94) or Gdynia Summer Jazz Days ('93), quickly gained popularity. In 1994 Woobie Doobie started working with Edyta Gorniak, later a local pop queen. They appeared together at the biggest Polish festivals (Opole, Sopot). In Fall 1994 the band performed on the finals of Young European Jazz Bands Contest in Leverkusen. In December, Woobie Doobie performed on the Jazz Piano Rock Song in Kalisz.

The band performed on two international jazz festivals: Getxco Jazz Festival in Spain and Jazz in Marciac in France (among jazz stars such as Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis, Ray Charles and others). In November of'95 Woobie Doobie was the star of the Pomeranian Jazz Autumn. Since then the band members have become the most popular session musicians in Poland. Up to this day they have recorded over 150 albums and keep giving concerts with Poland's biggest music stars. They also cooperated with platinum-seller Natalia Kukulska (albums "Puls" and "Autoportret", tours and perfomances in Opole'98 and'99). In the beginning of 2000 Woobie Doobie signed up to Universal and started working on their second album "Bootla". It was recorded in Winicjusz Chróst Studio and Woobie Doobie Studio and released on the 1st of October 2000.