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Wojtek Pilichowski "Wojtek Pilichowski" (1994 Bogdan Studio)

Wojtek Pilichowski

In 1994 I made my first solo record, titled just "Wojtek Pilichowski". It was not long after was invited to a bass trio with Krzysztof Scieranski and Tomek 'Kciuk' Jaworski, who were already famous bassists while I was just starting out... I assumed that having a solo record would be absolutely essential at the time. I made up my mind, collected the ideas, Bogdan Żydok financed the making and I went into the studio to record it. The whole process took two weeks. Still...

Wojtek Pilichowski "Granat" (1996 PolyGram)


I signed up to my first big label, PolyGram, and was completely over the moon when I saw how large the funds for the making of this record were. With this money I could invite many guest musicians, from a string quartet and horn section to Polish music stars I worked or had been working with. One of these guest stars was Zbigniew Hołdys, a man who is said to have 'helped beat Communism with his music'. Two videos promoted the album - "Samotna Gwiazda" and "Idol". The record sold over 8,000 copies, which was a pretty big number for a 'jazz' recording. "Fryderyk" (in the Jazz Record category).

Wojtek Pilichowski / Pilich Und Funk "Lodołamacz" (1998 Universal)


I wanted to capture some of that culture on my record. However, being a session musician, I found it pretty hard to reach the environment - it was still underground. Anyway, "Message in a bottle", my own version of The Police's song, became a Power Play in RMF FM (one of the prime music stations in Poland), and climbed the radio charts to somewhat high positions.

Wojtek Pilichowski "TT" (2001 Pomaton EMI)

Pomaton EMI

My next record saw the breaking off of my contract with PolyGram. I singed up to Pomaton Emi, and titled my next album "Pi". This time I managed to reach the hip-hop underground and fuse the two worlds of jazz and hip hop together. The best illustration is the track "CTA", a jazz standard with a funk arrangement, featuring guest rappers. I invited a lot of popular Polish artists I had been working with, and produced the album myself. The promo single was a track with vocals, "Twoje 4 Strony". However, with "Pi" I decided to end my relationship with big labels once and for all - for instance, it was embarrassing for me to see an advertisement for my record in a teeny bopper magazine ("Popcorn").