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Wednesday, 28th of August 2007

Workshops tour

2007's summer workshops have come to an end and there is little more to be added to the word - GREAT! I've met a whole bunch of bassists, playing various music styles, of different ages, shapes and sizes. Almost 3 weeks of bass playing, jam sessions, conversations and various merry making with other musicians.

I'd like to invite you to read the first commentary on the workshops in Końskie and to take a look at a few pics from the event.

More to come in the next few days, including photos from all workshops and the TTR2 concert given during the 13th Woodstock Festival in Poland.

There are also few new dates in tour.

Sunday, 24th of June 2007

After Bass Days Poland 2007

The very first edition of Bass Days Poland was awesome. During 3 days (8-10 June) almost 60 bass players from Poland - and one from Ukraine - took part in 8 workshops and 8 concerts. The Workshops were led by yours truly - Wojtek Pilichowski, as well as Adrian Maruszczyk, JJ (of the band Big Cyc), Krzysztof Ścierański, Marcus Setzer, Bartek Wojciechowski, Michał Grott and Frank Itt. Every day was rounded up with a jam session until sunrise.

It was a great opportunity to meet up with new bass players, learn something, listen to excellent music and try out some new basses and amps.

Thanks to people who had organised the event and sponsors who helped to make it happen.

I hope that we'll meet on next year's "Bass Days Poland".

Monday, 14th of May 2007

Bass Days Poland 2007

This year's edition of Bass Days Poland will take place in Błonie near Warsaw, in Centrum Kultury Alternatywnej The Alternative Arts Centre "Bejzment". The dates are 8-10 June.

Here's what Bass Days Poland 2007 have to offer:

* unique music workshops for bass guitarists, led by well-known Polish and foreign bass virtuosos: Wojtek Pilichowski, Markus Setzer, Krzysztof Ścierański, Lars Lehmann and others

* every day is rounded off with a concert of music stars: PiR2, Reimer-Setzer, Krzysztof scierański and others

* meetings with people from the music business, producers, gear dealers

* an one-of-a-kind occasion to meet up with bassists from all over Poland

Thursday, 24th of April 2007

Pilichowski Band (cuz we don't deserve a better name) - that is, W.Olszak, B. Papierz, R. Owczarz, K. Barański and W. Pilichowski - would like to thank all that turned up to the shows of the Happiness All Around tour December 2006-April 2007. It's your presence (often over the capacity of the clubs we played in) that caused so much Happiness, you motivate us! It's your reaction, not the dough, that matters here (we spent most of it in the club bars anyway). Now we're gearing up for our new record and we hope to spread Happiness live with new tunes.

A lot has happened during that tour - for instance, we have a new drummer, Radek, whom I now need like a car needs an engine

Big thanks to the crew - Tomek Lipiński, Maciek "The Sniper" (a talented drummer, by the way) and most importantly - Ewa (the manager), who is an angel! There's no better person in this world (even Bartek "The Pope" Papierz has to step down)! Thank you's to the bosses, managers and club owners, Marek Lamert and Yamaha Poland for the support for the first part of the tour and Dawid Dziewulski and Mayones for the second. Also: Box Electronics, AP Partners, Presto Nisko, Paco Cases, Canto... thanks even to those who bugged us too much.

I would NOT like to thank whoever invented the club rule in Katowice not to sell any straight alcohol - without any "softener". Couldn't even buy whisky without coke. The intensity of the crowd, however, made up for the lack of alcoholic intensity.

Thursday, 24th of April 2007

The 2007 Musikmesse was a great success for both me and the company Mayones, whose basses I proudly endorse. Here's what they had to say about the event:

Among others, a few instruments that emphasized the uniqueness of this Messe - the 25th anniversary of the company and our 10th participation in MusikMesse.

As usual, even a quiet utterance of the word "Pilichowski" provoked a quick gathering of a substantial audience in front of the stage. This year Wojtek was accompanied by his bandmates from the Pilichowski Band, Bartek Papierz and Radek Owczarz. Thanks to them, the ten mini-concerts turned out to be a spectacular music explosion, which gathered an even bigger audience each single time! A guest appearance by Daniele Chiantese was made during the last concert. Daniele played with Wojtek at the Agora stage last year. A dynamic duo by Wojtek and Igor Falecki - probably the youngest drummer in the world - turned out to be another major attraction.

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